The Creative Arts – An Enemy to the Establishment Arts Education

You get up early, get ready, go downstairs and eat a healthy breakfast and go to school. You sign up for classes for the new academic year only to find out that music, art, theatre, and other creative classes are no longer available since budget cuts chopped off creativity for a more “secure” educational system. This is what’s happening all across this country and its killing the spirit of creativity and destroying future entrepreneurs.

If you’ve read my previous blogs about the subject of success and why education, not schooling, are a path to the city of gold, this will no doubt sound familiar, but it does take a different spin in this area.

The “core” classes / ideals that most of the K-12 schools, as well as universities, is the old “readin’, writtin’, & ‘rithmatic” approach to education, and while these areas are important, as well as science, athletics, history, and various other subjects, it keeps the majority of thinking on the left side of the brain. Memorization, regurgitation of facts, and the knowledge of how to take a test have replaced creativity, and “outside the box” thinking.

Most, if not all entrepreneurs will tell you that a creative mind is essential to creating a great business. To succeed, you must not follow the herd, but be your own individual. You can’t be afraid of being different, being creative, being innovative, and standing out.

Most core subjects allow you to work within established facts and figures. Memorize some dates, equations. a step-by-step process and you will have your pre-determined results. You can have a little liberty, but not much, all in the attempt to train you to into an “A” or “B” type of thinking, and in most cases, an “A” mentality.

What the creative arts do is something unique…something that the other core curriculum fails to do; they allow you to create something from nothing.

Music, art, dance, acting are areas that demand creativity and a higher standard to thrive. To maintain your craft, you have to be creative and innovative…if you don’t; you’re dabbling in mediocrity and won’t get noticed. For anyone wanting to be wealthy, to have money work for you, it is essential to be a part of, and support the creative arts simply because it will teach you to think creatively, which is essential for business.

The standard for an A grade is usually above 96 or 97 percent, but if musicians play 97 percent of the notes correctly, you will notice a difference, as shown in the video below.

If your child is part of a school that has cut the arts, you as a parent has an urgent obligation to march yourself up to the school and demand the reason why you want your child to be poor. Put a dollar theme to your grievance, since the people you are talking to are most likely slaves to their checks.